About ACE

ACE Computer Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1998 with a philosophy that the technology support companies should be as much about the support as they are the technology.   We truly understand what it takes for the end user to feel comfortable and confident with their system and software, whether it is a small business, or home network.  What really sets us apart from other technology firms is that we truly understand business and the business user.   We take the time to understand your needs and how you can achieve them the most efficiently, as well as cost effectively.  We seek to set you up correctly, and even train you on as much of your own support as you are comfortable with and what makes a user efficient in their work environment.  Many techs do not have real business experience to understand how a business needs their support, instead they have a tendency to take control of your technology and leave you feeling that you cannot take a step without them or you could crash your own system.

ACE takes a preventative approach to your technology infrastructure and a comprehensive approach to your IT needs. Our Mission is to enable our clients to make the most out of their technology and at the best price. We are dedicated to building standing relationships with our customers by offering professional and impeccable service. 

By understanding and addressing the specific needs and requirements of each customer, ACE delivers personalized IT support, planning and management that results in improved technology infrastructure and assures business continuity. Whether you want to outsource a majority of your tech support and supervision to improve the systems you currently have in place, set up a completely new system or simply improve on your existing system, the ACE team will work with you to examine your needs and establish a managed IT services plan so you only pay for the expertise you actually need.


Smarty Party

As more and more of your personal life becomes available through the internet, are you as protected as you think you are?  Do you know the dangers of having your life available to anyone who can access your phone or computer?