manitMany small to medium businesses find it better to outsource their IT needs rather than incur the expense of hiring their own IT person.  The advantages are obvious and ACE works closely with you to ensure that they understand and will take care of your every technology need.  ACE will do a survey of your existing technology, work with your staff to create a plan within your budget and a time frame to carry out that plan.  ACE will provide you all the documentation you need including your hardware and software inventory, all components (routers, switches, printers, etc), your passwords, your network layout and your system plan.  ACE will always have your best interests in mind.

Utilizing the same basic setup for all computers in your organization ensures simplification of the process and keeps the confusion of which antivirus each computer is using and when it will expire at a minimum.  By keeping track of the documentation of your systems, you will be able to budget for replacements and software updates and your entire computer system will run smoothly.

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As more and more of your personal life becomes available through the internet, are you as protected as you think you are?  Do you know the dangers of having your life available to anyone who can access your phone or computer?