serv persACE Computer Solutions, Inc. is happy to assist individuals as well as small businesses for all their technology needs, problems and questions.  ACE can fix your computer problems and show you how to take the most advantage of utilizing all your home technology.  ACE can assist with any printing and scanning issues, as well as setting up routers, external hard drives, tablets and web cameras. ACE takes special care to be sure you have the necessary antivirus and anti-malware software and know how to utilize them and when to renew them.  ACE also can help you organize your files and set up a backup system for all your computers and devices.

ACE can also assist you with your mobile phones and devices.  Whether you already have a smart phone or are thinking of getting one, ACE techs can answer your questions, give advice on apps, and training on how to install and use apps and your phone, including backing up your data to your computer or the cloud and how to secure your phone and find it if lost or stolen.


Smarty Party

As more and more of your personal life becomes available through the internet, are you as protected as you think you are?  Do you know the dangers of having your life available to anyone who can access your phone or computer?