router-webcamACE Computer Solutions, Inc. will set up your router in any location.  Whether you need a wired router, wireless access or want to set up a cloud router giving you access to your data from any location, ACE can suggest best devices and prices and get you set up safely and securely.  And if you want to add a webcam to your home or office system, ACE can take care of that as well.

Webcams can allow you to Skype with your friends and family as well as provide security for your home or office. Remote viewing via webcam can help keep track of things while you are away from home or the office.  ACE has set up cameras to watch vacant homes while on vacation or monitor activity at office locations after hours.  ACE Computer Solutions, Inc. can also set up Skype on your applicable cell phone and also set it up so you can view your security webcam live through your cell phone.  Check with ACE for more info regarding webcam setups!

Smarty Party

As more and more of your personal life becomes available through the internet, are you as protected as you think you are?  Do you know the dangers of having your life available to anyone who can access your phone or computer?