virusACE technicians provide education regarding viruses and malware to ensure that the user knows how to help protect themselves.  Even the best software cannot help if the user doesn't make sure the right procedures are done once a virus or potential threat is found.  ACE encourages you to contact them should you have any questions to make sure a potential threat is taken care of properly.  Sometimes users just shut down the windows because they don't know what to do and don't want to get in trouble.  This is not the best solution and could make matters worse.  

ACE Computer Solutions, Inc. technicians feel that most times the threat can be removed from the system without reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling all the software.  It is often much easier to take care of the system this way than spend hours reinstalling all the software and restoring the data -- and that is when the data has been backed up properly in advance of the virus or malware infestation.   Proper protection is #1 with ACE, followed by proper removal of threats.

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As more and more of your personal life becomes available through the internet, are you as protected as you think you are?  Do you know the dangers of having your life available to anyone who can access your phone or computer?